AI Music Generator

Create songs, add voiceovers to YouTube videos or turn text into engaging podcasts.


Simply type your musical idea and generate unique music instantly. Our Text-to-Audio feature allows you to create music, sound effects, and soundscapes, transforming your text into vibrant audio and bringing your creative concepts to life.
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Embody creative ideas

Choose your genre, duration, energy, and instruments to create a song that's truly unique. Our customization features allow you to easily shorten intros, rearrange choruses, and personalize your song structure.
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Download in high quality

AmigoChat generates audio in the highest quality - 44.1 kHz stereo. Download tracks and use them in your commercial projects.
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Powerful Generative AI

Turn text into music with the industry’s latest audio diffusion models.

High-quality audio

Generate and download audio in 44.1 kHz stereo.

Commercial usage

Use the music you create in your commercial projects.

Instant creation

Achive various genres and moods instantly with a click of a button.

Create unique background music

Generate background music for your videos, social channels, ads, podcasts, and apps. AmigoChat’s AI Music Generator is easy to use: just input your preferences and enjoy custom music in seconds, 100% royalty-free. Its unlimited source of music ideas for your content and projects.

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Make your own songs

Our advanced generative model thrives on your input - whether it's genres, descriptive phrases, instruments, or moods, the more detail you provide, the better. Embrace experimentation to discover what resonates with you. Let AmigoChat transform your ideas into reality with precision and creativity, ensuring your audio experience is exactly as you imagine it. Our AI music generator is designed to cater to all your musical needs, allowing you to create tracks that are as unique as your ideas. Dive into the world of endless musical possibilities by providing detailed prompts that guide the AI in crafting the perfect sound. Whether you want a high-energy dance track, a mellow acoustic piece, or anything in between, AmigoChat can bring your vision to life. Explore different genres, mix various instruments, and fine-tune the mood to match your project's requirements. The more specific you are, the better the AI understands and creates, resulting in a truly personalized music experience. This is not just music creation - it's musical innovation at your fingertips.

Generate audio for any platform or content type

Discover the versatility of AmigoChat's AI music generator for creating background music across various platforms. Whether you're enhancing YouTube videos, enriching podcasts, elevating gaming experiences, captivating with short films and trailers, complementing AI art, engaging on social media, enhancing audiobooks, crafting impactful ads, or providing dynamic livestream backdrops, AmigoChat allows you to tailor your soundtrack effortlessly to each platform and content type. Our tool is built to adapt to any creative need, offering you the flexibility to generate audio that fits perfectly with your content. Imagine the perfect background score for your next YouTube tutorial, the ideal soundtrack for your podcast's latest episode, or an immersive audio experience for your gaming adventures. AmigoChat's AI music generator provides the soundscape you need to captivate your audience, no matter where or how you're sharing your work. From short films and trailers that need cinematic scores to AI art that benefits from atmospheric soundscapes, and from engaging social media content to powerful ads and compelling audiobooks, our generator covers it all. Even live streams can be taken to the next level with custom soundtracks that enhance the viewer experience. With AmigoChat, creating the right audio for any platform and content type has never been easier.

Safe for commercial use

AmigoChat’s AI Music Generator makes creating custom music easy and fun! Simply share your preferences, and in seconds, enjoy unique tracks that are completely royalty-free. It’s your go-to for endless inspiration across all your content and projects. Easily use your created music in your commercial ventures to enhance your brand’s vibe and connect with your audience effortlessly. Our music generator not only simplifies the process of music creation but also ensures that all the tracks you create are safe for commercial use. This means you can use them without worrying about copyright issues, providing peace of mind for all your commercial projects. Whether you're producing a corporate video, crafting a memorable ad campaign, or designing a user experience that stands out, our royalty-free tracks help you maintain a professional edge. Let AmigoChat's AI Music Generator inspire you with fresh sounds that elevate your brand and create deeper connections with your audience. Embrace the freedom to experiment and innovate with music that aligns perfectly with your vision and enhances your projects in a legally sound manner.

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